7 Low Maintenance Houseplants

Houseplants can make any indoor space look inviting. However, you may want the look and the benefits, but you’re just not ready for a huge commitment. Here are some of the best low maintenance houseplants to keep your house vibrant and cozy, without being overwhelming.

The Best Low Maintenance Houseplants

Snake plant (Sansevieria)

Low Maintenance Houseplants

This is one of the popular succulents you can plant indoors. Snake plants work well with almost all forms of interior decor. They are real eye-catchers that enhance living spaces without being too imposing or messing up other decorations. The snake plant is a low- maintenance plant that can survive graciously in any environment.

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

This houseplant has small but thick leaves and reddish stems that make it stand out as a decorative houseplant. Jade plants grow well in containers and pots and are not too choosy about lighting. Since it is a low-maintenance plant, you can propagate it to last for generations.

String of Hearts

The string of heart is a trailing plant that does well in pots and containers indoors. It looks elegant standing on a shelf inside the office or home. Although it can grow long, the plant has tiny, colorful, and unimposing leaves that help brighten up any space. You can also hang it in a planter on your patio, or stairs or leave it on a window sill. The heart-shaped pairs of leaves and underside with dashes of pink color make this an interior decor masterpiece.

Kentia palm (Howea Forsteriana)

Low Maintenance Houseplants

You may have seen the Kentia palm plant standing elegantly inside hotel lobbies or in contemporary homes. This is one of the hardy, low-maintenance and elegant plants you can have inside your home. Kentia does well in tropical areas and can go for several weeks without watering. The plant grows tall depending on the variety and since it has a low-light requirements, you can comfortably use it to accessorize any indoor space, including poorly-lit areas.

Pothos (Epipremnum aerum)

Low Maintenance Houseplants

It’s very easy to care for the pothos. In fact, this is the plant to go to for areas that do not get a lot of direct sunlight. IThe pothos plant only needs some exposure to the sun to thrive. The non-variegated type of pothos can thrive even under fluorescent lighting! The variegated type may require some exposure to the sun. Place the plant on a window sill or on a shelf that gets access to direct sunlight and you will be good to go. The pothos is a beautiful plant with large green pear-shaped leaves will be a welcome addition to any space.


Low Maintenance Houseplants

Also known as false shamrock, Oxalis is a vibrant plant that can thrive in almost any indoor space. They require some exposure to direct sunlight to grow vibrant, but are very easy to care for once they get going. They’re also really neat to watch grow. The one drawback is that Oxalis are toxic for pets and may cause some distress if ingested.

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Low Maintenance Houseplants

Spider plants grow gracefully, producing long slender green leaves with white markings along the edges. You can hang spider plants using planters or place them on shelves or tables in decorated containers. They are low-maintenance and can go for days without requiring watering.


There truly is a plant for everyone. We hope a few of these suggestions will brighten up your home, without feeling like a huge commitment.

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