8 Houseplants Safe for Cats

Houseplants and pets may not always get along, They knock over, they bite, they chew. By taking some precautions and picking the right houseplants that are safe for cats, however, there will be no need to worry that your pet may fall sick if they want to take a nibble.

Houseplants Safe for Cats

Cat-Safe Houseplants to Consider

There is a wide variety of great non-toxic houseplants to brighten almost any space. Before you settle on a plant, though, it’s always best to figure out how it will benefit you and whether you have the right conditions to help the plants thrive.


This plant native to Asia instantly enhances any space it occupies. It thrives in a warm humid environments and it is not too choosy about where you put it as long as it gets indirect sunlight. It is a low-maintenance houseplant that requires little watering during the year. The flowers bloom once per year for 3 months and then the blooms die off as they await the next season.

Polka dot plant

Also known as the pink splash plant, the polka dot plant grows in different hues including pink and white dots. It grows wild as a native plant in Madagascar (up to 3 feet tall) but goes up to about 12 inches when growing inside a container. The plant thrives in a bright space with direct access to indirect light. Ensure the plant is well-watered but not waterlogged

Boston Fern

This non-toxic and low-maintenance houseplant loves indirect light and well-drained soils. Keep the soil moist but not soggy by using a spray bottle twice a week. Boston ferns have stunning foliage that makes them excellent houseplants. They are also great for hanging plants in any space.


The large pink, red, or blue flowers and large leaves for a gloxinia plant love moist soil and bright indirect sunlight. This plant is native to Brazil and produces brightly colored blooms. Avoid hitting the plant leaves while watering to prevent brown spots from appearing on the leaves.

Ponytail palm

Palms come in all shapes and sizes. The ponytail palm is unique in that it resembles a ponytail. This is one of the hardy and drought-resistant houseplants you can have in your home. This could also be the reason why the plant grows slowly. Ponytail palms are low-maintenance plants that do not require fertilization.

Houseplants Safe for Cats

Spider plant

Spider plants are excellent air purifiers and since they do not like direct sunlight, they do well in confined spaces, including bathrooms and bedrooms. Offshoots dangle from the sides of the mother plant, creating a web of spider-like leaves that grow fast in a regulated environment. They love moist, well-drained soils.


Haworthias develop tall spikey foliage containing white stripes and dots along the edges that also gave the plant the name zebra cactus. It is a low-maintenance slow-growing plant that loves the sun and moist, well-drained soils.

Nerve Plant

The nerve plant is one of the tricky plants to grow because it requires a combination of perfect conditions to thrive. It is a beautiful plant that looks great inside a container or pot. It loves moist, well-drained soils, exposure to the sun, and a standard temperature of about 70 degrees.

Houseplants Safe for Cats


With these suggestions for safe houseplants for cats, we hope both you and your cat can live in peace with your houseplants.

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